Changes for new intake

Starting in January 2023, new clients will need a referral from another health care practitioner in order to book an appointment. A picture of your referral note may be emailed to or texted to (902) 890-1163 in order to book your appointment. Those wishing to bypass the referral process may do so by completingContinue reading “Changes for new intake”

New Program for Chronic Pain

Is chronic pain taking over your life? Does getting care for your pain sometimes feel like a part-time job? I’m pleased and proud to share that after several years of working toward this moment, I am ready to launch an online program combining yoga techniques and proven lifestyle strategies to help you tame your painContinue reading “New Program for Chronic Pain”

Temporary Hold on New Clients Extended

Please take note, I am still not taking new clients, until wait times for existing clients needing follow up come down to more reasonable levels. I hope to begin welcoming new clients again over the summer. If you would like to be put on my wait list for new clients, please fill out this form.Continue reading “Temporary Hold on New Clients Extended”

Osteopathic Manual Practice is not Osteopathic Medicine

NOVA SCOTIA ASSOCIATION OF OSTEOPATHS (MANUAL PRACTICE)MEMBERS’ STATEMENT: I am a member in good standing of the Nova Scotia Association of Osteopaths (NSAO) As a member of the NSAO, I am not an Osteopathic Physician, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO, formerly Doctor of Osteopathy), nor do I practice Osteopathic Medicine In Nova Scotia, Osteopathic ManualContinue reading “Osteopathic Manual Practice is not Osteopathic Medicine”

Please take note: fee change

Despite serious efforts on my part to minimize operating costs, after careful budget review, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that the COVID situation has made it impossible for me to maintain my current fee structure. Starting Monday, August 17, there will be an increase in the cost of osteopathic care: New intake appointmentsContinue reading “Please take note: fee change”

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a type of gentle manual therapy that focuses on the close connection between structure and function. It aims to optimize body functioning by improving the resilience of body structures and the mechanical relationships between them. Osteopathy is founded on a holistic appreciation of the human being: recognizing that all aspects of a personContinue reading “What is Osteopathy?”

What will happen in treatment?

When you come to your appointment, please plan to bring or wear athletic clothing (or loose, stretchy clothing), such as gym shorts or yoga pants and a t-shirt or tank top (don’t forget the mask!) We begin with a conversation – making sure that I understand your needs and am aware of all of yourContinue reading “What will happen in treatment?”